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Help! I deleted my Rem or they've gone missing!
Help! I deleted my Rem or they've gone missing!
Accidentally deleted something or suddenly can't find some notes you took earlier? Quickly recover them using these steps.
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There are several ways you can recover missing Rem, whether you've lost one or hundreds.

1. Undo

If you've only just accidentally deleted or changed some Rem, you can undo the change by pressing Ctrl+Z (Command+Z if using a Mac). You can undo multiple changes in a row if necessary, and you can redo changes with Ctrl+Shift+Z if you go too far.

2. Search

Your Rem may have inadvertently been moved to the wrong location, either because you pressed the wrong button by mistake, or because of a syncing conflict where the Rem were in different places on different devices. Try using Ctrl+P search (Command+P on a Mac) to look for the missing Rem, and move them back to the correct location if necessary.

3. Restore Rem from the Trash

Deleted Rem are placed in the Trash, which you can access in any of the following ways:

  • By clicking on this link (if you're logged into RemNote in your browser).

  • From Settings > Account > Navigation > Trash.

  • From the Trash option available directly after clicking the user menu in the upper-left corner.

If you find your deleted Rem in the Trash, you'll see an option to restore them to their original location.

Deleted Rem remain in the Trash for two weeks before being permanently deleted.

4. Check other computers or mobile devices

If you're using a Synced Knowledge Base and you created the missing Rem on a different device than the one you're using, it's possible the Rem are still trapped on that device. (Typically this would happen if you didn't have a fully functional internet connection at the time or your device was switched off before RemNote finished syncing.)

If this is the case, you'll be able to find the missing Rem in RemNote on the device where you created them. If they still appear on one device but not the other, make sure both devices are connected to the internet, restart RemNote on both devices, and wait a few moments for syncing to complete.

5. Restore a backup

RemNote automatically makes backups of your knowledge base in many cases, which you can restore from if other attempts to retrieve your Rem have failed. Please see the RemNote Backups article for more details and instructions on finding and restoring a backup.

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