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This article describes common questions about managing your account.

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This article is no longer maintained; all questions in it are answered elsewhere on the help site. If you were linked here from official RemNote documentation, please let us know at [email protected]!

How can I cancel an account deletion?

For safety, account deletions do not trigger immediately. If you've accidentally scheduled an account deletion, you can cancel it within five days:

  1. Sign back into your account.

  2. Go to any document.

  3. Press "Cancel Account Deletion".

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account in three steps:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Open "Account".

  3. Click "Danger Zone".

  4. Click "Delete Account".

  5. Type the text as instructed on screen to PERMANENTLY delete your account

Can I change my email/username?

If you use a username and password to log in, you can change your email address by choosing “Change email” in Settings > Account > Authentication. If you use Google or Apple to log in, things are a little bit more complicated because this login is tied to a specific email address; see Changing your email address and login method for step-by-step instructions.

Changing your username or friendly name is not currently possible, but we're planning to add more options here in the near future.

How can I transfer my knowledge base between accounts?

  1. Create a Full Raw-Data JSON Export backup.

  2. Go to your second account, and import it through the Import Tool.

On the Desktop App, both tools can be found through your settings.

Is my data safe and private?

Yes! All data is securely hosted through MongoDB Atlas , using AWS as the underlying datastore. Additionally, all data is stored locally on your computer to enable full offline mode functionality.

You own your data. We will never attempt to monetize or share your data with third parties. Per industry standards, our company policy is that no RemNote team members can look at your data; if one circumvented our internal security measures, this would be a serious breach and grounds for immediate termination. Data is encrypted at rest by Atlas using a global key, and is encrypted over the wire with TLS.

If you want even more enhanced security control, you can use a Local-Only Knowledge Base on the Desktop App. These knowledge bases are never synced to our servers and are only hosted on your computer.

I'm getting a "RemNote has updated, and you can't sync until you refresh" error!

This message can appear while RemNote is updating. If you're in the Browser App, please refresh with Ctrl + Shift + R. If you're in the Desktop App, please try opening and closing the app two times. If this doesn't work, please wait 10 minutes and try again. If that still fails, please try re-downloading from the Download Page.

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