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Can I trust you'll be around for the long haul?
Can I trust you'll be around for the long haul?

It's important to be able to trust that your notes will remain accessible forever. Here's what we can promise.

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TL;DR: RemNote is here to stay. You can count on that – and us – to be your note-taking tool for life.

Our Three-Part Commitment

  1. Data Ownership: You own your data – always. You'll be able to export all data in its raw state and import it to another tool.

  2. Free Access Guarantee: We'll always provide a feature-rich, free-for-life version of RemNote. Current users will never be asked to pay for any feature they're already using, in the feature's current state.

  3. Guaranteed Access Clause: In the extremely unlikely event that RemNote ever winds down (don’t worry – we are 100% committed and will be here for the long haul), we will release all code as an open source project. You could run the RemNote desktop app and/or the open source community could host RemNote independently.

We fully appreciate the critical importance of retaining consistent and unfettered access to your RemNote account and data – forever. You can count on us to ensure you never have to worry about access, retention, or commitment. Focus on your work and your learning; we’ll take care of the rest.

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