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This article describes common questions about how the features work.

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How can I restore my sidebar to its default state?

RemNote's Document Sidebar is highly customizable. If your sidebar accidentally got changed from the default, you can quickly revert it back to its base state with the following steps:

  1. Press the Global Search Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + P.

  2. Search for "Document Sidebar".

  3. Press the "Restore Default Sections" button at the top of the page that opens.

Can I get a lesson on how to use RemNote?

Please try the Interactive Tour within the app!

  1. Click the "?" icon in the bottom right.

  2. Click Guided Tutorials.

Why isn't my PDF Highlight loading?

"99%" of PDFs should work with RemNote's PDF Highlight feature. If you're experiencing problems, here are some potential explanations:

  • Some PDFs that use non-standard character sets cannot be loaded by our viewer. This happens most frequently with CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) characters. If you can convert your PDF or export it in a different format, please try that.

  • Some PDFs contain image data instead of text data. Our PDF annotator relies on text data for its text annotation capabilities. If text data doesn't exist, you won't be able to create text annotations. However, you can always create image annotations. (Hold Ctrl/Cmd and draw a box.)

Is there a way to upload an image directly from my computer?

Image Uploading is supported for all users on both the Browser App and the Desktop App. There are two ways to upload an image:

  • Option 1: Copy/paste the image from your computer into RemNote.

  • Option 2: Drag and drop the image from your computer into RemNote.

What determines if the front of my flashcard is bold or italic?

In RemNote, there are 3 types of Cards: Basic Cards, Concepts, Descriptors.

Basic Cards don't have any special formatting.

Concepts are created by typing :: and render in bold. They generate both forward and backward cards. Descriptors are created by typing ;; and render in italics. They generate only forward cards by default, and if you enable the backward card, you'll be prompted to retrieve the parent instead.

How can I pin the Document Sidebar so it doesn't pop in and out?

The Document Sidebar can be pinned and unpinned via the double ">>" and "<<" toggle respectively, located in the top-left of your screen next to your account name.

How can I batch delete documents from the Document Sidebar?

Documents can be deleted in batch from your Document Sidebar.

  1. Select multiple documents from the Document Sidebar by holding shift, and dragging over a range of Documents.

  2. Right-click on any selected document and press "Delete".

How do I create PDF highlights from my uploaded PDFs?

RemNote supports two types of PDF Highlights: text highlights and image box highlights.

To create text highlights, select text in the PDF by dragging over it. Press "Add Highlight" in the popup. To create image box highlights, hold Ctrl/Cmd and drag over an area in the PDF. Press "Add Highlight" in the popup.

Unable to select text

If you cannot select text in your PDF, it's likely that your PDF only contains image data and not text data. For example, this can happen if your PDF was generated by a scan of a physical document/book. In this case, create use a PDF Image Box Highlight instead.

Where are my files stored on the Desktop App?

The Local Storage Folder

The Local Storage Folder contains your Daily Backups and files.

The folder location for your Knowledge Base can be viewed by clicking on your name on the sidebar and clicking "..." to the right of your knowledge base name.

By default, the Local Storage Folder is /remnote/{username} for Synced Knowledge Bases. (It is always user-specified for Local-Only Knowledge Bases).

Information Locations

Data such as Rem, Cards, PDF Highlights, etc. are stored in a database on your computer. This database is not directly accessible for technical reasons. However, the Desktop App automatically generates Daily Backups of this database in its full raw JSON state.

Files - Images / PDFs

Uploaded images and uploaded PDFs are stored on your computer in the /files folder in your local storage folder for your knowledge base.

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